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Cover image: Last Ride - by Abraham Smith

Last Ride
by Abraham Smith

54 pages, soft cover,

$5 (First Class postage paid)

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from Last Ride

"... announcing old bones hank
understudy slash stand-in least this one
rat kid sunday matinee for leapy
he shall crawl and rash in spots
down oklahoma leopard escaped
from a local chain link fence zoo
they set out meat chloral hydrate laced steak
chloral hyrdate you squirt a bit of
bop you cold juice on a microscope slide
you wanta eternal relax every
muscle on a bug you wanta micro know
how it masters water
second heart bourbon flask sloshing on
my duct tape thigh gear
fame glasses you gear
sleep juice bashes you gear
and all’s the famous wanta do is basho sleep gear a
cotton pickin’ night year what with the slasho stars
comin’ out like thorny patches
rip your legs in slant lines
exact replica of lazy lightning down your thigh gear
and king snakes’ water sprinkler leather tongues
to snack on open places god let’s get
out of here..."


Abraham Smith author photoAbraham Smith hails from Ladysmith, Wisconsin.  He splits his time between  academician autumnals at University of Alabama and agrarian vernals at Hawks’ Highland Farm.