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I. The Health of the Nation

  David Rutschman _______________________________________ The Unnaming
  Shaelyn Smith _______________________ An Abject Aversion to Academia
  Dean Young _________________________________________ Coyote Syllabus
  Joseph Di Prisco _______________ The Plums and My Imaginary Daughter
  John Findura _______________________________________ French Spelling

II. A Doorway

  Michael Schiavo ________________________________ September Sonnet 21
  Nate Pritts ____________________________________________ Bird Feeder
  Morgan Parker ____________________ Untitled While Listening to Drake
  Amelia Ferguson _________________________________ Was I Ever a Bird?
  Corey Zeller ______________________________ Specific Birds: Interior
  Sam McCormick ____________________________________ Window Piano Fire

III. A Dainty Bunch of Spring Breakfast Radishes

  Kallie Falandays ________________________________ Hear Stable Stable
  Jennifer H. Fortin ________________ Responding to a Life with a Life
  Rob Talbert _______________________________________________ Knocking
  Tyler Gobble ___________________________ My Whole Life, These Spokes
  Dorothea Lasky ___________________________ The Kierkegaard of Lucite
  Alexandra Reisner ______________________________________ Sweet Tooth
  Christie Ann Reynolds ________________ Ode to My Selfish Consumerism
                                                      with a Cow in It
  Virginia Konchan _____________________________ Shostakovich’s Fugues

IV. Boat Blasts Banished

  Layne Ransom _________________________________________ Heavy Weather
  Ryan Walsh _______________________________________________ The Cloud
  Nate Pritts ______________________________________________ Rainmaker
  Tyler Gobble _____________________________ A Decade’s Worth of Water
  Krzysztof Jaworski trans. by Benjamin Paloff _____ The Pacific, etc.

V. An Old Screw-Pine in the Tropics

  Amelia Ferguson ______________________________________ One at a Time
  Alexis Orgera __________________________________________________ Ode
  Joseph Di Prisco ______________________ Sleep Is/Is Not a Lost Cause
  Sam McCormick _________________________________________________ Poem
  Mary Biddinger ______________________ Invention of the Antihistamine
  Morgan Parker ___________________________________ Delicate and Jumpy

VI. The Appearance of Lines

  Sarah Green ________________________________ Woman with Head in Hand
  Joshua Kleinberg _______________________ This is the winter sadness.
  Amelia Ferguson ________________________________________________ Mud
  Sam McCormick ______________________________________ Feeling Strange
  Dorothea Lasky ________________________________________ The groveler
  Erika Meitner _________________________________________ Thoroughfare

VII. Pride of the Market

  Amelia Ferguson _______________________________________ Folding Fans
  Sarah Green ____________________________________ Winter Tree in Rain
  Alexis Pope _______________________________________ Romantic America
  Krzysztof Jaworski trans. by Benjamin Paloff __________________ NYPD
  Gary Hawkins __________________________________________________ Vice
  Jeff Sirkin ____________________________________ This Simple Machine

VIII. 750 Million Lumps of Sugar

  John Findura ______________________________ Pancakes in a Small Town
  Corey Zeller ____________________________ When Your Kitchen was Blue
  Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen  ____________________ All But the Baking
  Jon Gertz ______________________________ There Is a Moth on the Wall
  Layne Ransom ___________________________ Northern Kentucky Interlude
  Dean Young ____________________________________ Plastic Bag of Ashes

IX. Illustration for Sample Interpretation

  Matthew Olzmann ____________________________________________ Empathy
  Meg McKeon __________________________________________________ Ritual
  Rob Talbert _________________________________________ Accountability
  JoAnna Novak ______________________________________________ Liparoid
  Erika Meitner ___________________________________________ Funkchance

X. Safer Car Smoking

  Ken’ichi Sasō trans. by Joe DeLong & Noriko Hara ______________ Gift
  Dorothea Lasky _______________________________________ A new reality
  Jeff Sirkin ____________________________________________ Real Estate
  Zach Powers __________________________________________ My 9/11 Story
  Michael Schiavo ________________________________ September Sonnet 24

XI. A Zest for Living

  Sam McCormick ___________________________________ Today I’ve Decided
  George Kalamaras ______________________________ The Poem Starts Here
  Simon Jacobs _________________________ “Something Else Irreversible”
  Joshua Ware _______________________________________ Fourth Note Poem
  Jeff Sirkin ______________________________________________ The Ghost

XII. The Climax Basket

  Meg McKeon ________________________________ These Are My Confessions
  BJ Love __________________________ I Named All My Problems After You
  Nate Slawson ________________________________________ How Amazing Is
  Alexandra Reisner ___________________ Caramel Apple Upside-Down Cake
  Jon Gertz ___________________________________ Sometimes I Want to Be
  Matthew Olzmann ___________________________ The Man Who Was Mistaken

XIII. A Strange New By-Product

  Ben Kopel ___________________________________________ Sad Punk Sutra
  Tanya Olson ____________________________________________ Zeno’s Boat
  Ken’ichi Sasō translated by   
     Joe DeLong & Noriko Hara ___________________ The Planet of Hearts
  Mary Biddinger __________________________________ The New Wilderness
  George Kalamaras _________________________ I Taste a Range of Loving
  Weston Cutter ________________________ Another Tattoo I’ll Never Get