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Cover of THE PARKING LOT by Darcie Dennigan



Copyright © 2018 by Darcie Dennigan
All rights reserved.
Printed in the United States of America.
ISBN 978-0-9995931-6-5

Edited by Matt Hart
Book and cover design by Eric Appleby

Cover and interior illustrations by Carl Dimitri /

Excerpts from "The Child Bearers" were chosen by Charlie White for The Enemy /

"Dept of Ephebic Dreamery" was originally published as a Forklift, Ink. chapbook in 2013.


THE PARKING LOT and other feral scenarios

144 pages, soft cover, perfect-bound, 5.5" x 7.5"

$15.95 print


Praise for THE PARKING LOT and other feral scenarios

Darcie Dennigan's accounts of psychic states masquerading as disappearances are so striking, even luscious, that you may wish they were realities, even though she writes of great loss and unendurable pain. We see her Reporter every day on every TV news show, looking serious in a place of nothing, and telling us "I'm standing at the spot where-" invariably some horror happened. Mothers lose their children, often to animals, like Meryl Streep in A Cry in the Dark; and girls lose their proto-boyfriends and, years, later can't even remember how they died or even if they died. Behind Dennigan's "gone girls," the spirits of Kafka and Borges, and perhaps the shadow of Bhanu Kapil, wait and nod their heads in the great pity of fullness. Read "The Parking Lot" if you want to wrap your hand round the live wire of a miracle.

—Kevin Killian



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Darcie Dennigan is the author of the poetry collections Palace of Subatomic Bliss (Canarium Books, 2016), Madame X (Canarium Books, 2012) and Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse (Fordham University Press, 2008). She teaches at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut.