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Beth Bachmann teaches creative writing at Vanderbilt University.

Lindsay Coleman is a Harvard graduate and second year poet at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. In the very near future she will be moving to Boston to live with J.B. and teach somewhere. She likes Lego Star Wars and dislikes people who won't let her pet their tiny dogs.

Oscar Ames Cowgill is a fan of all food 'snacky.' While he can shake his moneymaker, he usually moves with a purpose. He hates bright light and bad guys.

Scott Dennis comes and goes like a ghost.

After a difficult battle and intense scientific debate, Russell Dillon will be added to the Periodic Table of Elements (Rd) in 2009, providing he remains stable.

Noah Eli Gordon and Joashua Marie Wilkinson are the authors of the following books of poetry: The Frequencies (Tougher Disguises), The Area of Sound Called the Subtone (Ahsahta), Suspension of a Secret in Abandoned Rooms (Pinball), Lug Your Careless Body out of the Careful Dusk (Iowa), Inbox: A Reverse Memoir (BlazeVox), A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow (New Issues), Figures for a Darkroom Voice (Tarpaulin Sky), Novel Pictorial Noise (Harper/Perennial), and The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth (Tupelo).

Dean Gorman lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a graduate of the Vermont College MFA Program in Writing. His writing has appeared in The Portland Mercury, No Tell Motel, Oregon Humanities, Caffeine Destiny, Typo, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Music Liberation Project, and is forthcoming in The Bedside Guide to the No Tell Motel: Second Floor. He is co-editor of Pilot Magazine & Books (www.pilotpoetry.com).

The mouse living under Bob Hicok's refrigerator is quiet, even for a mouse. Its happiness has yet to be ascertained.

Andrew Hughes lives in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in Octopus, Good Foot, and others.

Lesley Jenike's first collection of poems Ghost of Fashion is forthcoming from Word Press and individual poems have appeared or will appear soon in Brooklyn Review, POOL, Court Green, Verse, 32 Poems, The Fairy Tale Review and others. These poems are about eighteenth century American painter John Trumbull.

Daniel Johnson boxed poet Yago Said-Cura in a split-decision match in July. Johnson's poetry, not his boxing, will appear in Best American Poetry 2007. To read more, visit www.danielbjohnson.com.

Karla Kelsey is author of two books of poems: Knowledge, Forms, the Aviary (Ahsahta Press, 2006) and Iteration Nets (Ahsahta Press, forthcoming). Poems in this issue are from Iteration Nets and sample text from Lyn Hejinian, Ernest Hemingway, St. Augustine, John Donne, Lisa Jarnot, J.H. Prynne, and Cecilia Vicuna.

Ben Kopel currently lives in Iowa City, IA where he’s working on his MFA in pomes [all sizes] at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He is originally from Baton Rouge, LA, where he was warmer and listened to The Replacements with his friends. Now he’s very cold and listens to Hüsker Dü with his cat.

Alex Lemon lives in Southern California. His second book is Hallelujah Blackout (forthcoming from Milkweed Editions). His second helping was of asparagus.

Kristi Maxwell enjoys making guacamole and asparagus soup. She is the author of Realm Sixty-Four (forthcoming from Ahsahta Press) and an admirer of The Little Prince.

Karyna McGlynn’s poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Another Chicago Magazine, Octopus, Denver Quarterly, Spinning Jenny, Ninth Letter, Willow Springs and Fence Magazine. A three-time Pushcart nominee, she is the recipient of the Hopwood Award for poetry at the University of Michigan where she is currently teaching and completing her MFA. She is an editor for the online journal Stirring. Her website is www.karynamcglynn.com.

Tyler Meier's poems have appeared in AGNI, The Seattle Review, and Cranky. He lives and works in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Kiki Petrosino is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Best New Poets 2006, Unpleasant Event Schedule, POOL, Shifter, and elsewhere. She lives in Iowa City, where she recently completed a Post-Graduate Writing Fellowship at the University of Iowa.

Nate Pritts is the author of SENSATIONAL SPECTACULAR (BlazeVOX) and is the editor of the online journal H_NGM_N. He works in advertising.

Michael Rerick lives and works (brain labor) in Cincinnati, OH. Work is forthcoming in Nidus, Spinning Jenny, and Words on Walls.

Tomaz Salamun is widely recognized as one of the leading Central European poets and has had books translated into most of the European languages. He lives in Ljubljana and occasionally teaches in the USA. His recent books in English are The Book For My Brother and Row. Woods and Chalices will be published by Harcourt in Spring 2008.

Zach Savich lives with your wife in Iowa City.

Jeremy Schmall has had work in Tastes Like Chicken, Canon Magazine, Pilot and Juked.com. He is the editor of Agriculture Reader, an arts magazine. He lives in Brooklyn. See more of his work, be his friend: myspace.com/flying_jay.

Kaethe Schwehn studied creative writing at the University of Montana and received an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She currently teaches at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.

Justin Taylor is the editor of The Apocalypse Reader, an anthology of new and selected short fiction about the end of the world. His website is www.justindtaylor.net.

Joni Wallace has an MFA from the University of Montana. Her poems most recently appear here, in Spork Magazine, and in Barrow Street. She most recently appears in pre-school yards and sing-a-longs.