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Anselm Berrigan is the author of Zero Star Hotel, and Integrity & Dramatic Life, two poetry books from Edge Books. He insanely has taken the job of Artistic Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church. A bird lives in his home, and his mind.

John Colburn [not pictured] lives in Northeast Minneapolis. He is editor of Spout Press and was made from a piece of clay dropped in the wilderness. His writing has most recently appeared in Spinning Jenny, The Columbia Poetry Review, Shattered Wig, Elixir and The South Dakota Review. He also writes under the pen name Dobby Gibson. 

Evan Commander is from Atlanta but lives in Cincinnati. He is a painter. He finds three line bios strange. 

Catherine Daly was born and raised in the soybean capitol of the world. In Los Angeles, she lives with a screenwriter from Ohio.  Two books of her poetry will be published this fall:  Locket, by Tupelo Press, and DaDaDa, by SALT Publishing. 

Joshua Edwards edits and publishes The Canary in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His manuscript, A Farm in the Middle of the World, is a finalist for the National Poetry Series. 

Terri Ford has been the recipient of grants from the Ohio Arts Council and the Kentucky Arts Council, as well as the Kentucky Foundation for Women. In 1999 she was the Ohio Arts Council Writing Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts and in 2001 was a fellow at the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference, where she currently serves on the admissions board. Git on out and buy your own copy of her book, Why the Ships Are She (Four Way Books, 2000) at once. 

Sarah Fox is. She lives in Minneapolis and works as a doula, a teacher, a book artist, the editor of Fuori Editions, and an amateur ethno-botanist with a particular emphasis on Salvia Divinorum and t. peruvianus. Her book Assembly of Shades is forthcoming from Salmon Press. She is married to John Colburn. 

Shauna Hannibal lives 4.42 miles from Matt Hart, as the toy accordionist drives. Her work has appeared in 88, jubilat and Spinning Jenny

Elizabeth Hildreth lives in Chicago with her husband David Abed, a figurative painter. She completed an M.A. at New York University’s poetry program and is attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her M.F.A. Most recently she has published work in Hayden’s Ferry Review and Unpleasant Event Schedule.  

Nathan Hoks lives in Iowa City with his wife who is much prettier than he is. 

Matthew Lippman lives in Brooklyn, teaches English and Creative Writing at Roslyn High School.  Recent poems appear or will be appearing in The Iowa Review, West Branch, The American Poetry Review and The Beloit Poetry Journal.

m loncar is: teaching american film and lit at a university in taipei (tamshui really), fighting with his cat mack the knife / shao hei, riding his silver rocket-silver vespa up and down yangming mountain, eating lots of mangoes, finishing his new book viola vs. the perpetual humiliation machine, playing in the taiwanese band the diamond vehicles. 

Patrick Martin loves cats and astronomy. He was born and raised in New York. His work has appeared in several jounals, including The Paris Review and Poetry. He works in Information Technology for an investment bank, of all things. A recent graduate of Warren Wilson College, he is working on a translation of The Epic of Gilgamesh

Cate Marvin just received her Ph.D. in English from the University of Cincinnati. Her poems have appeared in New England Review, The Antioch Review, The Paris Review, The Georgia Review, and Ploughshares. Her book, World’s Tallest Disaster was published in 2001 by Sarabande Books. 

Chris Martin lives in Brooklyn and is in love with a girl from Ohio.  He’s written half a book about it. She wrote the other half.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG COURTSHIP will be published sometime this year when you least expect it, by Singlepress in Milwaukee.  His work can also be found in Magazine Cypress

Anthony McCann lives in Brooklyn NY where he teaches English as a language to mostly Russian speaking immigrants from various states of the former Soviet Union. He is the author of one full length collection, Father of Noise, out in May 2003 from Fence Books and Saturnalia Books and of one chapbook, In Praise of Reason, from Pine Press of Vilnius, Lithuania. He hopes to put his new forklift operator’s license to work as soon as possible. With this purpose in mind he’s got his eyes on the one down the block that almost runs him over with alarming regularity on his way to the subway—and which he has seen, on more than one occasion, left unattended. 

Lisa Olstein’s poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in The Lava Review, American Letters & Commentary, Crazyhorse, Prairie Schooner and other publications. She lives in Hadley, Massachusetts. 

Ethan Paquin’s second book, Accumulus, is forthcoming in 2004 in the U.S. and Australia from Salt Publications. He edits Slope and Slope Editions from Buffalo, NY. 

David Rutschman received a 2003-2004 Fellowship in Literature from the Writers’ League of Texas and the Texas Commission on the Arts. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review, Salt Hill, Seneca Review, and The Southeast Review, among other journals. He lives next to a chicken coop. 

Amanda Schaffer’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ploughshares, Colorado Review, Spinning Jenny, Conduit, and Lit. She lives in Brooklyn. 

Fred Schmalz’s chapbook, Ticket, appeared in October, 2002 from Fuori Editions. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Conduit, PomPom, ACM and Fuori. He has been a featured reader at Walker Art Center and The Art Institute of Chicago. He lives in Brooklyn and co-publishes the literature and art journal Swerve

Richard Siken has freckles and likes Thai food. Sometimes he sings the blues but mostly he feels just fine. His poems have appeared in various magazines, as well as in The Best American Poetry 2000. He is the recipient of an Arizona Commission on the Arts grant and a Pushcart Prize. His manuscript Crush was a finalist for the 2003 Walt Whitman Award. Also he is the editor of spork, a literary quarterly that comes out twice a year. 

Frances Sjoberg tends to poetry more than forty hours per week. Generously, the Fund for Poetry gave her some dough. Here is how it’s rising. 

Skoog lives in the 17th Ward of New Orleans near the intersection of Dublin St. and Belfast St. He teaches poetry to the high school students of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts / Riverfront. Furthermore, his poems have appeared in Slate, NO: A Journal for the Arts, Indiana Review, New Orleans Review, Marlboro Review, 3rd Bed, and this great magazine from Seattle called Litrag that you should check out at www.litrag.com

Shane Sullivan lives in Southern Indiana with his wife, three dogs and three cats.  He recently finished his Master’s thesis on William Carlos Williams. 

Paula Szuchman is a poet and journalist. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

Dana Ward is a poet living in Cincinnati, OH where he edits Cy Press. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Aufgabe, Anomaly, Pom2, & Torch

Ian Randall Wilson is the managing editor of the poetry journal 88. Recent work has appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Spinning Jenny and Spork. His first fiction collection, Hunger and Other Stories, was published by Hollyridge Press. He is on the fiction faculty at UCLA Extension and an executive at MGM Studios.