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i. 137 Divinatory graphology

Jacob Chapman ___________________________________________________ No
Derek Pollard ________________________________ Whose Emily Dickinson
Ella Marilla _________________________________________________ Hairy
Rob Macdonald ___________________________________ Transparent Sonnet
Brian Clifton ______________________________________ Head Over Heels
JM Farkas __ Found Snapple Bottle Cap Poem Doubling as Ars Poetica 1
Nate Logan ___________________________________________________ Wahoo

ii. 304 Factors affecting social behavior

Cindy Veach __________________________ Thirteen Hours Of Labor Daily
William Repass _________________________________________ FIRE GREENS
Maddy Raskulinecz ________________________ Dead Animals: 10 Epigrams
Phoebe Reeves _______________________ The Gardener and the Garden 22
Tyler S ________________________________________ from Cake Incognito
Partridge Boswell ______________________________ Hungry Freaks Daddy

iii. 212 Existence, knowability & attributes of God

Jeff Gundy ______________ The Traveler Continues to Fail Kierkegaard
Matt Prater ______________________________ The Hard Sayings of Jesus
Cindy Veach _____________________________________________ Sarah Good
Michael Bazzett _____________________________________ The Hitchhiker
Kate MacLam ____________________________________ The Trees’ Feelings
Steve Castro ______________ Walking through walls with Spanish dolls
Cortney Lamar Charleston _______________________________ Jesus Piece

iv. 597 Cold-blooded vertebrates

Dean Young _______________________________ More Tales from the Crypt
Matthew Guenette ______________________________________ Night School
TR Brady _______________________ Remembering Where My Legs Have Been
Heidi Reszies __________________ [from Recollections & Reenactments]
Kyle McCord ___________________ On the Drive Home from Minor Surgery
David Schaefer ___________________________________________ Lauraceae
JM Farkas & Emily Vizzo _________ Godloop Forensics/Eve as Astronaut

v. 098 Prohibited works, forgeries & hoaxes

Shayla Lawson __________________________________ There Will Be Tears
Dave Harrity __________________________ Marriage Poem: Painted Bride
Cassie Donish ___________ The Year Before or After a Vulnerable Look
Franklin K.R. Cline ________________________________________ SO WHAT
Grady Chambers ________________________________________ Far Rockaway
Anne Barngrover ___________________________ Announcement: the Sirens
Lathan Ehlers _____________ On the Set of Regression Toward the Mean
            Starring Daniel Day-Lewis as My Father with Me Directing

vi. 404 Special topics of language

Alexandria Peary ______________________________________ Bilingualism
Jaime Zuckerman _______________________________________ Echolocation
Joshua Johnston ___________________________ from Letters to Schiller
Lathan Ehlers __________________ Pessoa Means ‘Person’ in Portuguese
Cameron Alexander Lawrence ___________ Cityscape with Man Who Feels
Erika Meitner ________________________________ Aubade with Projector
Noah Falck _______________________________ from FATIGUE PERFORMANCES

vii. 299 Religions not provided for elsewhere

Matthew Guenette _________________________________________ Third Eye
Paul Osgerby _________________________________ Conversation Comedown
Leslie Pietrzyk __________________________ Something You’re Proud Of
Dean Young _____________________________________ Huge Head Half Hole
Julia Kinu __________________________________ The Queen from SHREK 2
TR Brady _________________________ Poem for Gay Girls in High School
Erika Meitner ____________________________ All the Secrets and Holes

viii. 642 Meals & table service

Matthew Guenette _______________________ Interrogating the Microwave
Tara Estella Jay ________________ Economical protein!/So satisfying!
Jeffrey Little _________________ [Sea Hen and Sweet Potato Chips...]
Tyler S ________________________________________ from Cake Incognito
Ella Marilla _____________________________________ MIRASOL: A RECIPE
Catherine Esther Cowie _______________________________ La Papa Negra
David Schaefer _________________________ Carnations Bathed in Bleach

ix. 931 China to 420

Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow _______ Manless Land for the Landless Man
Tali Cohen ________________________________________ Bodies in Motion
Erika Meitner _______________________ Selfie with Airplane Voyeurism
                                           & References to Your Body
Barbara Strasko _______________________________________ Out into Air
Paul Martinez-Pompa ___________________ Dead Babies & Other Longings
Hannah Oberman-Breindel __________________________________ This Year
Ellie Tipton _____________________________________ Whole Notes & Bra

x. 652 Processes of written communication

Alexandria Peary _____________ Medieval Contemporary American Poetry
Kelsey Marie Harris ___________ The revolution will not be televised
Jacob Chapman _______________________________________ In the Morning
Farah Marklevitz ______________________________________ Adjunctified
David Schaefer _______________________________ Figs in the Lamplight
Elizabeth Onusko __________________________________________ Forecast
Skylar Alexander _________________________________ Dear Human Being:

xi. 912 Graphic representations of surface of earth
         and of extraterrestrial worlds

Cortney Lamar Charleston ______________________________ Ode to FAFSA
Seth Stephanz ____________________________________ Loss’[ ] Lost “s”
Hannah Oberman-Breindel _______________ Visiting Martins Ferry, Ohio
                                                 (December 31, 2016)
Maddy Raskulinecz __________________________________ Turkey Mountain
Lathan Ehlers _______________________________________ Fix it in post
Liana Quill _______________________________________________________ 
Kelsey Marie Harris _____________________________ Word on the street

xii. 229 Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, & intertestamental works

Scott Wordsman __________________________________ Poem with Dementia
JM Farkas ____________________________________________ Ars Poetica 2
Jaime Zuckerman __________________________ My mother is a cigarette—
Kayla Czaga _____________________________ Good Without the Guacamole
Dorsey Craft ___________________________________ Ode on a First Kill
Tara Estella Jay ______________________________________ BOLOGNA CUPS
Paul Martinez-Pompa _________________ Entirely Unlike Hitler Because
                       Nothing is Like Hitler Not Even Hitler Itself
Kelsey Marie Harris __________________ Aretha Franklin without a bra

xiii. 392 Customs of life cycle & domestic life

Tali Cohen ______________________________________ Dogs and Strangers
Shayla Lawson _________________________________________ Pink + White
Benjamin Gucciardi ___________________________________ Walking Lorca
Cortney Lamar Charleston _______________________ Ode to the Paycheck
Tali Cohen ____________________________________ Cults of Domesticity
Catherine Esther Cowie ______________________ There is a house where
                                              women with no hair go.
Kelsey Marie Harris ___________________ What kind of bee gives milk?

xiv. 785 Ensembles with one instrument per part

Cassie Donish _____________________________________________ Insomnia
Sarah Stickney ______________________________________________ A Lion
Skylar Alexander ___________________________________________ Calving
TR Brady ________________________________________________________ w/
Dave Harrity ________________________________ Marriage Poem: Ambrose
Cassie Donish __________________________________________ The Caldera
G.C. Waldrep ________________________________________________ Memory

xv. 152 Perception, movement, emotions & drives

Jeff Gundy _____________________________________________ Nice People
Erika Meitner _____________________________ All the Past and Futures
Rachel Mindell ______________________________________________ Walrus
Ellie Tipton _____________________________________________ Spectacle
Lathan Ehlers ___________________________ Regression Toward the Mean
Dean Young ____________________________________________ When, Not If
James D’Agostino _______ The Sound of Slowly Torn Up Grass for Grace

xvi. 819 No longer used (formerly Puzzle activities)

Caroline Knox ________________________________________________ Helen
TR BRADY ___________ This Year I’ll Replace the Edge w/ Another Edge
Michael Bazzett _______________________________ The Rock & the Cloud
Marty Hebrank __________________________ Not in the Crook of an Arm,
                                        but at the Mouth of an Ocean
Becka Mara McKay ___________________________________ Wood-Want (from
                            The Dictionary of Misremembered English)
G.C. Waldrep ________________________ Little Elegy for Marin Sorescu
Joshua Johnston ___________________________ from Letters to Schiller

xvii. 665 Industrial oils, fats, waxes & gases

Joshua Johnston ___________________________ from Letters to Schiller
Franklin K.R. Cline ________________________________________ SO WHAT
Kate MacLam _____________________________________________ Pizza Goth
Kayla Czaga _________________________________________ Beer Interview
Cortney Lamar Charleston _______________ Grand Theft Auto III (2001)
Brian Clifton _________________________________________________ Varg
Tara Estella Jay ____________________________________ Chili Hot Dogs

xviii. 761 Relief processes

Noah Falck _______________________________ from FATIGUE PERFORMANCES
Hannah Oberman-Breindel _______ The Country on the Brink of Disaster
Tyrel J. Thompson _____________________________________________ Zest
Rob Macdonald ___________________________________________ News Cycle
Elizabeth A.I. Powell ________________________________ In the Shadow
Aimee Noel _______________ Returning to Work after the Women’s March
Dobby Gibson _____________________________________ Ode to the Future

023 Personnel management

022 Administration of physical plant