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I. One Way to Break Glass

Jacob Chapman _________________________ The Cowboy and the Shipwreck
Heather Hughes ___________________________________ Lunar Real Estate
Lauren Shapiro ___________________________________ Negative Transfer
Dave Rutschman ____________________________________________ Memorial
Michael Robins _____________________________ Subjunctive Human Bingo

II. Two Failures of Veneer

Noelle Kocot ______________________________________ Hello New Jersey
Nick Demske ___________________________ Military Industrial Pastoral
Tom Paine ___________________________________________ I’m John Clare
Michael Pontacoloni __________________________________________ Paint
Caroline Knox _______________________________________ The new owners

III. The Prospector’s Peril

Nick Demske ____________________ Beatitude Requiem Ballad for Audrey
Charlene Fix ___________________________________________ April Fools
Julia Wendell ________________________________________________ Glads
Joseph Johnson ________________________________________________ Want
Caroline Knox ________________________________________ Nuthatch Song

IV. Exposing the Working Parts

Noor Al-Samarrai _______________________________ Rose Petal Boob Jam
Charlene Fix _____________________________________________ Four Cows
Dan Kaplan _______________________ That Muscles Are 75 Percent Water
Amie Zimmerman ___________________________________ Malthusian Spiral
Kiki Petrosino _____________________________________________ Gräpple

V. Hair Felt & Asphalt

April Freely __________________________ from We Will Take Any Mother
Brandi George __________________________ Precious Precocious Psychic
JM Farkas ___________________________ The Poetry Teacher Ate the Boy
Lauren Shapiro ________________________________________ The Workshop
Rosalynde Vas Dias _____________________________________ An Ornament

VI. Bleeding Knots & Sappy Areas

George Kalamaras ________________ Where Might My Sacred and My Most?
William James _____________________________ from The Neurosis Centos
Peter Granbois ______________________________________________ Waking
Jake Bauer ______________________________________ Notice To Evacuate

VII. Something of a Stump

Caroline Knox _____________________________ Who is going to tell you
Dustin Williamson ______________________________ Vessel [Spent Null]
Brandi George ________ Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Chris Philpot _____________________ Occupations of Uninhabited Space
Andrew Hemmert ______________________________________________ Vessel

VIII. Curious Effect of Erosion

Rosalynde Vas Dias ____________________________________________ Seed
Caroline Knox _________________________________________ Pheasant-Eye
Michael Robins _______________________________ Flowers of the Fields
Benjamin Palmer ______________________ Breakfast with the Scavengers
April Freely __________________________ from We Will Take Any Mother

IX. Oceanic Movements

Brandi George __________________ Truth Terrible Truth Tentacle Truth
George Kalamaras ___________________________________ Moon Thrashings
Rachel Z. Arndt ________________________________________ Convenience
Noelle Kocot ______________________________________ Hello New Jersey
Joseph Johnson ___________________________________________ Two Poems

X. Absolutely Necessary for Efficiency

Kiki Petrosino ______________________________________________ Sermon
Ally Covino ________________________________ Eyes Contain Multitudes
Ruben Rodriguez ___________________________________________ Prophecy
Andrew Hemmert _______________________________________ Jimmy Buffett
Josh Kalscheur ___________ I Can Now Begin to Name the Godless Years

XI. If One is to be Warm

Nick Demske ____________________________ I Want to Be the Snowblower
Gloria Keeley ____________________________________________ Cold Oven
Dave Rutschman _____________________________________ The Exact Thing
Ally Covino ___________________________ As I Warm I Shamefully Plead
Jacob Strautmann _____________________________________ Killing Frost

XII. Towels for Various Purposes

C.J. Miles ___________________ No One Is the Movies, Not Even Dreams
William James _____________________________ from The Neurosis Centos
Kiki Petrosino __________________________________________ Twenty-One
Gary Hawkins _____________________________ Self-Portrait, Diebenkorn
Deborah Schwartz ____________ Black Star in the Black Sky, I See You

XIII. Well Hung in a Suitable Space

Noelle Kocot ______________________________________ Hello New Jersey
Gary Hawkins _______________________________________________ APOLOGY
Jacob Chapman ___________________________________ The Bats, The Bats
Lauren Shapiro __________________________________________ In Context
Joseph Victor Milford ___ morphnacular x.: golden age paraprosdokian

XIV. To Obtain a Bright Finish

Rachel Z. Arndt ______________________________________ How it ends 1
Dave Rutschman ______________________________ Most of us around here
Rachel Patterson ________________________________________ Lake House
Chris Philpot ___________________________________ I Am Full of Dread
Rosalynde Vas Dias ___________________________________ Thrive Anyway