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I. Pictorial Representation

Frank Fucile _____________________ Two Contractors Driving to a Site
Annik Adey-Babinski _________________________ I Want to Find America
William Virgil Davis ___________ Directions for Where You Want to Go
Grant Quackenbush __________________________________________ 2BGMACS
Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren ______________ Inventory at the Wholesale
                                                    Floral Warehouse
June Melby _________________________________________ We Need Leaders

II. Starting Plane

Ian Randall Wilson __________________ A Thousand Poets on the Stairs
Alex Chambers ________________________________________ For the Trees
Mikko Harvey ______________________________________________ Pastoral
James Shea ________________________________________ Documentary Porn
Kelly Nelson ______________________________________ I could not stop
Arthur Solway ________________________ People Like To Tell Me Things
Eloisa Amezcua __________________ On Wanting to Be More Eco-Friendly

III. Orthographic Projection

Grant Quackenbush ___________________________________________ Letter
Stephanie Reents ________________________________________ Baby Teeth
Peg Alford Pursell ____________________________ Abandoning the Birds
Analicia Sotelo _________________________________________ Fast Track
Deb Gravina _________________________________________ Like Listening
Sara Mumolo _______________________________________ from Day Counter

IV. Conventional Symbols

Mike Good ___________________________________________________ Mewing
Kelly Nelson ______________________________________ Of my generation
Sophie Grimes ________________________________________ 26th Birthday
Paul Nemser _____________________________________ If I Don’t See You
Annik Adey-Babinski ________________________________________ Selfies
John Colburn ______________________________________________ rat love
Justin Bigos __________________ Portrait of My Father as John Clare:
                                                   “Coon Cat’s Nest”

V. Kinds of Motion

Kelly Nelson _________________________________________ O Captain! My
Lauren Brazeal _________________ Robby Took Bets to See When I'd Get
                            Off My High Horse and Start Eating Trash
Deb Gravina ________________________ What I Understand, If Heaven Is
                                             Like Bobbing for Apples
Lisa Nance ________________________________________ Cooking Magazine
Collin Callahan __________________________________________ Yard Work
Troy Jollimore ___________________ The Collapse of the Wave Function
Emma Heldman ___________________________________________ saying yes 
Robert Krut ____________________________________ At This Very Moment

VI. Continuous Tone

Derek JG Williams ___________________________________ Qingdao Garden
Ryan Collins ____________________________________________ Accomplice
Mikko Harvey ______________________________________________ Egg Toss
Arthur Solway ________________________________________ Made in China
Anders Carlson-Wee __________________________ Roland Makes Me Coffee

VII. Calculation of Volume as an Aid in Reading

Stephanie Reents ______________________________ Everybody’s Somebody
Stephanie Rogers _________________________________________ The Storm
Caleb Kaiser __________________________________________________ Mine
Peg Alford Pursell _________________________________________ Burning
Bess Cooley ____________ I’ve Had This Rhythm in My Head for Decades
Stephanie Reents ____________________________ The Last Time I Forgot

VIII. Limits & Tolerances

Sophie Grimes _________________________________________ Prairie Burn
Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren _______________ Meltdown at the Wholesale
                                                    Floral Warehouse
Jeffrey Little _______________________________________ Pitchin’ Curd
Heather Altfeld ____________________ Meditation in an Emergency Room
Conor Bracken ____________________ In Which Being Present for Lisa’s
                                       Last Breaths Is Not Mentioned
Michael Torres ________________________________ Elegy with Roll Call

IX. Developed Surfaces & Intersections

Analicia Sotelo _______________ My English Victorian Dating Troubles
John Colburn __________________________________________________ poem
Bess Cooley _____________________________________________ Meditation
James Shea _____________________________________ Trip to the Country
Scott Wordsman _________________________________________ [Dear Andy]
Paul Suntup ____________________________________________ The Painter
Tony Mancus ___________________________________________ Pulling Time

X. Drawing for Reproduction

Paul Suntup _______________________________________________ Haystack
June Melby _____________________________________ That Kind of Cowboy
Anders Carlson-Wee __________________________ Lillian Locks the Door
Emma Heldman ________________________________________ faces of love 
Nate Brown ________________________________________________ The Oaks
Laura McCullough __________________________________ There is Also Up
Emily O’Neill ________________________ whiskey got me feeling pretty

XI. Shifting the Center

John Colburn ______________________________________ the cave of July
Justin Bigos __________________ Portrait of My Father as John Clare:
                                                “Common Loon’s Nest”
Troy Jollimore __________________________________ Andre Gregory Said
Ashleigh Lambert ________________________________________ An Opening
Eloisa Amezcua ______________________________________ Defenestration

XII. Fourteen Points in Jig Design

Troy Jollimore ______________________________________________ Desire
Peyton Prater Stark _______________ a swirl of space around the hole
                                    and that part of the swirl holds
Laura McCullough ________________________________ Negatively Charged
Scott Beal _____________________________ Explaining Speed to a Shrub
Ashleigh Lambert ___________ To Communicate Within a Particular Area
Matt Kolb ________________________________________ i know where i am
Danika Stegeman LeMay __________________ Dystopia, with Taylor Swift