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I. Blood Will Tell

Sandra Simonds _________________________________ 1. Destruction from
                                           The Baudelaire Variations
Amelia Ferguson ________________________________________ Shots Fired
Sandra Simonds ___________________________________ 2. A Martyr from
                                           The Baudelaire Variations
Amber Tamblyn __________________________________ The Punishment Gift
Sandra Simonds __________________________ 3. Eros and the skull from
                                           The Baudelaire Variations
Michelle Bracken ____________________________________ Me Without You
Ken L. Walker ____________________________ from Steubenville Pension

II. “Going Bad” — Animal Instinct

Shauna Hannibal ____________________________________________ Chimera
Michael Bazzett ______________________________________________ Moles
Delia Pless _________________________________________ Simple Machine
F.J. Bergmann ________________________________ Kisses on Both Cheeks
Carolyn Orosz _____________________________ Little Ass Bitch I Ain’t
                                                     Fuckin With You
Andy Stallings ____________________________________________ Paradise
Jeff Sirkin ____________________________________________ In Division

III. Crimes in Ink

Vincent Poturica __________________________________ 50,000 Roommates
Dean Young ___________________________________________ New Neighbors
Todd Colby _____________________________________________________ #11
Nate Pritts __________________________________________ Another House
Bob Hicok ____________________________________ Repairs are under way
Matthew David Campbell _______________________ The Trash Needs to Go
Avril Thurman _______________________________ You Can’t Run to Pluto

IV. Character in the Cages

Cindy Beebe ___________________________________ “USED COWS FOR SALE”
Bob Hicok ______________________________ When all horses were ponies
Matthew David Campbell _________________________________ Health Food
Todd Colby _____________________________________________________ #36
Daniel M. Shapiro ____________________________ Modern Medicine Falls
                                            Short of Your Complaints
Dean Young _____________________________________ Alternate Treatment
Iheoma Nwachukwu __________ Letter to Achebe from New York, New York

V. Bullet Proof

Liz Hildreth _____________________________________________ Work Week
Vincent Poturica ___________________________ When I Lived in Madison
Adam Clay _______ Even a Straight Line Must Curve to Shape the World
Shauna Hannibal _______________________________________________ Homo
Jeff Sirkin _________________________________________ For the Record
Carolyn Orosz _______ If It’s a Problem with Specificity Please Note
Meg McKeon _______________________________ Giant Tongues Little Eyes

VI. Science versus Crime

Peter Davis _______________________________ Songs of Our Forefathers
Tod Marshall ____________________________________________ Bless This
Sarah León ________________________________________________ Prophecy
Laurel Hunt _____________________________________________ Apotheosis
Dean Young _________________________________________ Parthenogenesis
Matthew David Campbell _____________________________ Transfiguration
Andy Stallings ____________________________________________ Paradise

VII. Guarding against Accidents

Ruben Rodriguez ___________________________________________ The Leap

VIII. Masters of Moulage

Daniel M. Shapiro _____________ They Go to Parties to Steal the Show
Colleen Louise Barry ____________________ Chasing the Shine Too Hard
Cindy Beebe ____________________________ If Persephone Knew Anything
Peter Milne Greiner ___________________________________ Adequacy Key
Matthew Lippman ____________________________________________ Fishing
Dean Young ________________________________ Mouthful of Grasshoppers
Iheoma Nwachukwu _______________ Letter to Achebe from Austin, Texas

IX. Shortest Way with Poisoners

Bridget O’Bernstein ________________________________ A Dream of Fire
Todd Colby _____________________________________________________ #12
Shauna Hannibal _____________________________________ Endless Summer
Bridget O’Bernstein ______________________________ Save the Darkness
Brandon Jordan Brown ________________________________ Summer Showers
Sarah León ___________________________________________ September Day
Dean Young ___________________________________________ Tail Feathers

X. Alarums and Excursions

Peter Davis _________________________________________ Ocean Radiator
Peter Milne Greiner _______________________ Ascension Island Unnamed
Joan Baranow _________________________________________ Cold Pastoral
Delia Pless ________________________________ It Just Started Snowing
Matthew David Campbell ___________________ Three Days Till Christmas
Nate Pritts ________________________________________ Testing the Ice
Avril Thurman ____________ Until It Is So Cold or Light Leaving Poem

XI. Science Gets the Confession

Bob Hicok _________________________________ Sorting a few things out
Andy Stallings ____________________________________________ Paradise
Laurel Hunt ________________________________ Zero moon deer detected
Bradley Cole ________________________________________ Summer Strikes
F.J. Bergmann _______________________________________ Shaded, Coiled
Liz Hildreth ________________________________________ Sunday Morning
Adam Clay _____________________ False Start in the Late Light of Day

XII. A Hundred Tons of Prankishness

Matthew Yeager ________________ from Leaden Echoes and Golden Echoes
                                                or The Facebook Poem