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I. Crude Materials from the Earth

  Jules Gibbs  ___________________________ [First lines from Petrarch]
  Rachel Z. Arndt __________________________________________ Perennial
  Bruce Smith _______________________ “You stopped and frisked me...”
  Michael Bazzett ________________________________________________ All
  Thibault Raoult _____________ “What with hoppelpoppel there’s almost
                                                      nothing left...”
  Juliet Escoria ____________ This Poem Was Made Possible by Money and
                              a Few Movements of my Hand (Which Makes
                                  It No Different than Any Other Poem)
  John A. McDermott _______________________________ Acid is an Anagram
  Adam Tavel ________________ Elegy for the Lifetouch School Portraits
                              My Wife & I Returned Because We Couldn't
                                                           Afford Them

II. Bones of the Hand

  Meg Freitag ________________________ Bildungsroman for the Toothless
  Ross Robbins ____________________________________________ Apple Worm
  Stella Corso _____________________________________________ My Desire
  F. Daniel Rzicznek ______________________________________ Buttermilk
  Amy Jo Trier _______________________________________ The Think-Wings
  Sean Thomas Dougherty ___________ Triptych of Desire and the Duende
  Vi Khi Nao _________________________________________ Four Appetizers
  Jules Gibbs ____________________________ [First lines from Petrarch]
  Emily Bludworth de Barios _____________ Packages show up on the lawn
                                    it is astonishing how they appear.

III. Taking Hold of the Paper

  Tessa Bolsover __________________________________________ Tapestries
  Kirker Butler ____________________________________ The Big Sportsman
  Jeremy Clark _______________________________________ Those That Flew
  Raymond Farr ____________________ A Chop of Wind Off Bear Skin Neck—
  Karen Harryman ______________________________________ Second Husband
  BJ Soloy ______________________________ Eric, Supposedly Thirty-Two,
  Chris Mattingly ________ This Poem Could Be Your Life or, The Island

IV. Good Enough to Eat

  Tessa Bolsover ________________________ The Summer I Learned To Swim
  Karen Harryman _____________________________________ Science Fiction
  Jill Kolongowski _______________________________________ Point-Blank
  Meg Freitag ____________________________________ Parakeet Literature
  Jessy Randall __________________________ “There was an old woman...”
  Karen Skolfield ______________________________ How to Spell “Spigot”
  Amy Jo Trier __________________________________ Mouth-Water Our Open

V. What a Feast!

  Chelsea Whitton _________________________________ HOUSTON ST, 4 A.M.
  Phillip B. Williams _____ Often I Am Permitted to Return to the City
  Thibault Raoult _______________ “there is a wonderful life sense...”
  Davy Knittle _________________________________________ hunger shoes
  Vi Khi Nao __________________________________________ Urine Inmates—
  Adam Edelman ___________________________________________ The Vampire
  Diana Whitney ____________________________ Instructions for November
  Dobby Gibson ___________________ Safe From the Rain I Read Kuan Hsiu

VI. Nuts are a Good Substitute

  Adam Edelman ________________________ Walking Home from the Hospital
  Patrick Whitfill ____________________________________ Curiosity (LV)
  Lesley Ann Wheeler ____________________________ Depression (geology)
  Vi Khi Nao _____________________________ AA Meetings for a Limestone
  John Myers __________________________________________________ Smudgy
  Bruce Smith _______________________________ “She feels, he feels...”
  Jessy Randall ____________________ “Cackle, cackle, Mother Goose...”
  Liz Hildreth _______________ Everybody, Trying to Make a Difference,
                                                       We Are Sleeping

VII. Archery is a Splendid Game

  Ross Robbins ________________________________ On Missing Being Young
  Allison Donohue _______________________________________ Battlefields
  Davy Knittle ______________________________________ treading scheme
  Laurie Macfee _________ Jogging the Rail Trail Past Parker & Stearns
  Thibault Raoult _______________________ “Brook and her daughter...”
  Claudia F. Savage ___________ Two Recipes for Jam Anchored by Lemon:
  Christopher Brean Murray ___________________________ The Forest Café
  Beth Roberts __________________________________________ Spotted deer
  Nina Puro ____________________________ Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love

VIII. No More Asking,”What Can I do Now?”

  Bruce Smith ________________ “Everything the world finds amusing...”
  Karen Skolfield ____________________________________ Actuarial Table
  Erica Bernheim ________________________________________ Crime Scenes
  Tessa Bolsover _______________________ Sometimes It’s The Same Thing
                                                To Worship As To Mourn
  Clifford Parody _____________________________________________ Elicit
  Russell Jaffe ___________________________ “Life in the imperium ...”
  Laurie Macfee _________________________________________ We Were Here

IX. The Significance of Fever

  F. Daniel Rzicznek ___________________ Projected on the Ceiling of a
                                                  Nashville Hotel Room
  Gary Clark _____________________________________________ Shadow Sick
  DeMisty D. Bellinger _________________________________ Fly Away Home
  Rachel Z. Arndt _____________________________ Chicago is to the east
  Adam Edelman __________________________ Paper Clips of Various Sizes
  Gary Clark _______________________________________ Books and Friends
  Daniel Nester ______________________________ from Unsolicited Advice
  Jeffrey Skinner ______________________________________ So Say We All
  Dobby Gibson ______________________________________________ Avenue D

The Man with a Better Book