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I. Rough Sailing on the Political Sea

  Ricky Garni ____________________________________ Rules of Engagement
  Amy King ________________________________ Observations from the Deck
                                       of a Building I’ve Yet to Climb
  Peter Twal ____________________ I Wouldn’t Trade One Stupid Decision
  Holly Coddington _________________ Everyone has more rules than I do
  Lauren Clark _____________________________________________ The Bride
  Jessie Janeshek ________________________ I Don’t Know if I Want This

II. The Secret of the Memory Obliterator

  Cody Ernst ______________________________ Long Weekend at Burlington
  Maribeth Theroux ____________________________ My brother in the west
                                              and falling down the sky
  David Winter _______________________________________________ Fantasy
  Emily Toder _____________________________________________ from Waste
  Kelly Schirmann _____________________ Man with Gorgeous Star Tattoos
  Cassie Donish __________________________________________ The Session

III. Interference Eliminator

  Monica Wendel ______________________________________________ Magaden
  Lauren Shapiro ____________________________________________ Saturday
  Amber Tamblyn ______________________________________________ Spoiler
  Adam Love ______________________________________ When I Am Adam Love
  MRB Chelko _________________________________________ B r e a d   B e
  Nicole Callihan _________________________________________ Fairy Tale
  Shevaun Brannigan __________________________ Shevaun Looks for a Man

IV. Opinions on Spiritualism

  Matt Mauch _________________________________  Untitled (“RECALL WHAT
                                            EMERSON SAID ABOUT LIFE…”)
  Raymond Farr ___________________________________ Yr Senses Are Lying
  Noelle Kocot _______________________________________ The Life Jacket
  Christopher Creaturo __________ Green Eyes in the Sideseat, with Tea
  Lauren Shapiro _________________________ Supreme Court Rules Against
                                        Women's Contraception Coverage
  Jules Gibbs ____________________ You have a body part called dorsal.

V. Direct to the Heart of the Sex Question

  Emily Toder _____________________________________________ from Waste
  David Rivard _________________________________________ What She Said
  Laurel Hunt ________________________________ So long, tiny watergun-
                                               powered carnival horses
  Julie Howd ________________________________ Burnt Landscape Madrigal
  Nicole Callihan ____________________________ Brooklyn Sidewalk (Day)
  Philip Schaefer _______________________________________________ Once
  Ricky Garni _________________________________________ La Vie De Goya

VI. Water and Oil Experiments

  Emily Chenoweth & Co ______________________ The Basics of Narrative:
                                                   The Finger Workshop
  Lauren Clark _____________________________________________ I Am Dead
  Shannon Osaka ___________________________________________ Multiverse
  Jules Gibbs ___________________________ Infection Party for Children

VII. Chemical Stunt

  Jim Whiteside __________________________________ Transverse of Venus
  Jay Deshpande _________________________________ Mission Dolores Park
  Britt Melewski _________________________________________ Hagiography
  Cody Ernst ________________________________________________ Witching
  Leah Umansky ____________________________ I Heard the Sparrows Aging
  Matt Morton _______________________________ Oswald’s Ghost Addresses
                                                 the Warren Commission
  Holly Coddington _________________________________ Things in the Air

VIII. Scientific Humor

  Matt Morton _______________________________________________ Snow Day
  Jim Whiteside _____________________________________ Failed Love Poem
  Kelly Schirmann ________________________________ Nonstop Joy Machine
  Henry Finch ________________________________________ The Fairgrounds
  Holly Coddington ____________________________________________ Clouds
  Lauren Shapiro ___________________________________ Patience, Patient
  Philip Schaefer _________________________________________ My Friends

IX. The Half Jaw Articulator

  MRB Chelko __________________________________________ B i t e   B e
  Nathan Breitling ___________________________________ Trade Agreement
  Noelle Kocot ________________________________________ August Crazies
  Laurel Hunt __________________________ There will be no more parades
  Carleen Tibbetts ________________________ The Day is the Great Beast
  Emily Toder _____________________________________________ from Waste

X. Magic for Everybody

  Jules Gibbs ______________________ A Photo of Two or Three Distances
  Peter Twal _________________________ If the Sun Comes Up, If the Sun
                                         Comes Up, If the Sun Comes Up
  Peter Burzynski __________________________ Who Speaks for the Bones?
  Stefan Karlsson _______________________________ Whereof One Can Only
                                                Speak, I Speak Hot Air
  Christopher Creaturo _______________ Sonic the Hedgehog, remember me
  David Winter __________________ Untitled (“is that what you want…”)
  Shannon Osaka _____________________________________________ Slippage

XI. King of ’Em All

  Edgar Kunz ______________________________ Behind the eyes, & shining
  Emily Kendal Frey _____________________________________ Promise Ring
  Jenna Lynch ______________________________ Sonnet after Alice Notley
  Amber Tamblyn ___________________________________________ Only Child
  Henry Finch ________________________________________________ Windsor
  Bradley Harrision ___________________________________ Wind and Flags
  Noelle Kocot ________________________________________________ Dictum

XII. Act Now!

  Philip Schaefer ________________________________________ Dreamy Lawn
  Zoë Ryder White  _________________________________________ Overslept
  Kelly Schirmann _______________________ What Moves Their Legs Is Air
  Lawrence Eby _________________________________________________ Aitne
  Monica Wendel ____________________________________________ Ridgewood
  Anders Carlson-Wee __________________________________________ Living
  James D’Agostino _____________________________ Did You Get My Email?

XIII. Fake Earthquake Movies

  Frederick Speers __________________________________ from Torch Songs
  Paul Skenazy ________________________________ In the Wee Small Hours
  Emily Kendal Frey ______________________________ What Hurts Is a Lie
  Lizi Gilad ____________________________________________________ Hare
  Justin Bigos ________________________________________________ Oliver
  Tom Fugalli _______________________ Super-Easy Holiday Roast Chicken
  Edgar Kunz _____________________________________________ Next-of-Kin

XIV. Why Good Dancers Are Popular

  Heidi Reszies Lewis _____________________________ from Blue Optimism
  Sean Patrick Hill __________________________ from Thread-Cloud Atlas
  Lauren Shapiro ___________________________ Only Tres Pesos, Señorita
  Devin Kelly _____________________________ [My Mother at Restaurants]
  Marc McKee __________________________ Semipro Air Traffic Controller
  Leonard Crosby ___________________________________________ Homebirth

XV. Where A Man’s A Man

  Justin Bigos _________________________________________ Patron Saint,
  Zoë Ryder White ______________________________________________ Essay
  Laurie Maley ___________________________________________ St. Francis
  Nicole Callihan _________________________________________ Assignment
  Nina Corwin __________________________ Notes for a Case Presentation
  Laurie Maley __________________________________ The Murderous Plains
  Alex Crowley ____________________________________________ diorama 25

XVI. The Last Word

  David Rivard __________________________________ Less Than, More Than
  Adam Halbur ________________________ “The pussy off West Africa is,”
  Nicole Callihan __________________________ Brooklyn Sidewalk (Night)
  Shannon Osaka ____________________________ Dreams of My Dying Mother
  Nick Courtright ________________________________ Hawking Is Clueless
  Jules Gibbs _________________________ Dream as Architectural Failure