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I. A Real Flow of Water All Over the Place

  Gale Marie Thompson ___________________________________ Welcome Room
  Amber Tamblyn _________________________________________ Anissa Jones
  G.C. Waldrep ___________________ Variations on a National Park Death
  Anthony Tognazzini ___________________________ Falling Autobiography

II. The Speed of a Red-Hot Stove Top

  Kate Litterer ______________________________________ Stacking Stones
  David Rutschman ______________________________________ Plan A/Plan B
  Maw Shein Win ______________ The Most Beautiful Girl in Fourth Grade
  Kara Candito _______________________________________ Human Resources
  Kyle McCord ______________________________ [I swear this is the last
                                            time I’m going into space]
  Rebecca Hazelton ____________ Poem Where I Return to My First Career

III. “Ding Dong” Stunt

  Joshua Diamond ______________________ from SOME MYSTERIOUS INFLUENCE
  Kate Litterer ________________ I Dream of Palsied Scarecrows, Latent
                                        Until I Turn to Sugar the Mare
  Michael Bazzett _____________________________________________ Memory
  Bob Hicok ___________________________________ Speculative gynecology
  Nick Demske ______________________________________ Grandma’s Asshole

IV. A Trick Apple Cut

  Noah Falck _________________________________ Poem Excluding Pastoral
  E.C. Belli ____________________________________________ From Gwangju
  Layne Ransom _______________________________ Excerpt from “The City”
  Eszter Takacs ______________________ Together we will breathe during
                                                complicated explosions
  Amy Lawless _________________________________ A Feeling Came Over Me

V. Head-Holding Safety Device (For Head Splitter)

  Jeff T. Johnson ___________________________________ Into the Biscuit
  Alen Hamza __________________________________________ Clarifications
  Matt Moore ____________________________________ Anastasia Lighterman
  Blake Lee Pate ____________________________________________ Exo-Girl
  Jason Bredle _______________________________________________ Stalker

VI. Galvanizing Department

  Alen Hamza ____________________________ Where Love Naps, There Nip I
  Amber Tamblyn __________________________________________ Sirkka Sari
  David Feinstein _______________________________ This Isn’t All I See
  Brian Nicolet ________________________ What Thou Lovest Well Remains
  Holly Amos ________________________________________________ Flocking
  James Eidson ______________________________ A matter of being Nancy,

VII. The Hired Hand that Never Quits

  Taylor Jacob Pate ______________________ this is how i see the world
  Bob Hicok __________________________________________________ So lame
  Jeffrey Allen ___________________________________________ Keep Quiet
  Michael Robins ______________________________________ Into Disrepair
  Eszter Takacs _________________________ The world is frightening and
                                            I am your best best friend
  Tessa Mellas ______________________________________________ Nativity

VIII. Serpentine Dishes

  Amber Tamblyn ________________________________________ Carole Landis
  Matt Moore ____________________________________ Hoop Your Hastenings
  Mike Krutel ______________________________________ Spiritual Cupcake
  Jason Bredle __________________________________________ Roman Candle
  Taylor Jacob Pate _____________________________________________ bomb
  Noah Falck _____________________________ Poem Excluding Corporations

IX. Automatic Knocking Pen

  Alen Hamza ____________________________________________ Camping Trip
  Nick Demske __________________________ The World’s Greatest Elephant
  Joshua Diamond ______________________ from SOME MYSTERIOUS INFLUENCE
  Andrew Grace _______________________________ The Dead Deer Anthology
  Virgil Renfroe _____________________________________________ Mudroom

X. Heavy Duty Street Brush

  Kara Candito _____________________________________________ Road Trip
  Keara Driscoll __________________________________ Hot Off the Messes
  Jeff Alessandrelli ____________________________________________ Nuts
  Charlie Clark _____________ Cocktail Parties in the City of the Dead
  Gale Marie Thompson ________________ Spring and Other Strange Places
  Noah Falck _________________________________ Poem Excluding Birthday

XI. Throw Out Extra

  Matthew Guenette ______________ To Love, Straightforwardly and Dizzy
  Jason Bredle _______________________________________ Reflective Pool
  Erin Keane ______________________________ The Dream and What Follows
  Bob Hicok _______________________________________ Fame: a love story
  G.C. Waldrep __________________ St. Saturday in the Republic of Hair
  Jeffrey Allen ____________________________________________ the silos

XII. Cattle, Calf & Sheep Slaughtering Section

  Darcie Dennigan _______________ The Lina Lamont Notebook (a section)