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i. kiss-me quick

   Nicole Miller ____________________________________________ A Beauty
   Meg McKeon __________________________________________ Terpsichorean 
   Larry Sawyer ___________________________ Dispassionate Appassionato
   Laurie Saurborn Young _____________ Charles Olson in Berkeley, 1966
   Jeff Bruemmer ___________________________________________ Meanwhile
   James Grinwis __________________________________________ Icebreaker

ii. gypsy nosegay

   Weston Cutter _________________________________ expectant notsonnet
   Ross Gay ___________________________________________ To the Mistake
   J. Masters _____________ I Think I Can Taste the Bull in This Slice 
   Noelle Kocot __________________________________ Poem for New Jersey

iii. fly paper

   Stuart Dischell __________________________________ Little Narcissus
   Steve Healey __________________________________ A Map of My Problem
   Sean Thomas Dougherty _____________ Untranslatable Autobiography or
                             Employment Application That Ends in Birds
   Sarah León __________________________________________ Commemoration
   Noelle Kocot __________________________________ Here There is Peace

iv. caprice de la mode

   Bradley Harrison Smith ______________________________ & Other Poems
   Sean Thomas Dougherty __________________ Poem Written in the Margin
                                                         of an Eclipse
   Caroline Crew ________________________________ How To Breathe Glass
   Logan Fry __________________________ The Bold and the Beautiful Jr.
                                            Varsity as the World Turns
   Laurel Hunt _________________________________________________ DAY 4
   Steve Healey ______________________ A History of Bodies Reproducing

v. extract of wallflower

   Patrick James Dunagan __________ from DROPS OF RAIN / DROPS OF WINE
   Meg McKeon______________________________________________ Stridulous
   Dean Young _________________________________________________ Bender
   Evan Commander _______________________ I Have an Empty Head On Fire
   Nate Logan_______________________________________________ Love Poem

vi. perfect love cordial

   Nate Pritts __________________________________________ Rock of Ages
   Rachel Yoder _________________________________________An Experiment
   Samantha McCormick ____________________________________________Poem
   Matthew Daddona __________________________ Monday, Three Days Later
   Carolina Ebeid _____________________________ Sawing a Woman in Half
   Andrea Swenson Dunlap ____________ A Can Opener for Señora Victoria

vii. jockey club bouquet

   Leora Fridman ______________________________ Whose Essential Nature
   Morgan Parker ____________________________ Morgan What, Morgan Who?
   Nate Logan ______________________________ Self-Portrait with Demons
   Noelle Kocot _______________________________________________ E.S.T.
   Morgan Parker ________________________ On Getting One’s Groove Back

viii. volatile essence

   Jeff Bruemmer _______________________ I have never understood life.
                                           Let me give you an example.
   Laurie Saurborn Young _____________________________________ Patriot
   Heidi Reszies Lewis ________ Solve for X in a Landing Configuration
   Danika Paige Myers ___________________________________ I Am Accused
   Noelle Kocot ____________________________________________ The Storm
   Morgan Parker ___________________ I Was Trotting Along And Suddenly

ix. henry’s vinegar

   Steve Healey _________________________________________ Early Reader
   David Tomas Martinez __________________________________ Innominatus
   Patrick James Dunagan __________ from DROPS OF RAIN / DROPS OF WINE
   Evan Commander ____________________________________ Magic vs. Death
   Corey Miller___________________________________________________ |<<

x. tincture of turmeric

   Weston Cutter _____________________________________ Welcome to Dirt 
   Claire Sylvester Smith __________________ Retired Hunter Battle Cry
   Logan Fry ________________________________________________Tear Axes
   Benjamin Landry _________________________________________________Tm
   Bradley Harrison Smith ___________________________________ Clearing

xi. invisible ink

   Ryan Walsh ________________________________________ Before the Word
   Laurel Hunt _______________________________ You taxidermied a bear!
   Larry Sawyer _________________________________________ My Sunflower
   Russell Dillon ___________________ My Ability to Be Far Away Is Now
                                   One of My Great Super Powers, As Is
                                      Being Completely Heartbroken and 
                                         Irrational While Craving Many
                                       Oysters, See Also: Invisibility
   Benjamin Landry _________________________________________________Lr

xii. varnish for artists

   Mary Austin Speaker _______________________________ from The Bridge
   Meg McKeon _________________________________________________Pelagic
   Gary Jackson ______________________ The Death of the Golden Avenger
   J. Masters ________________________________________________ My Good
   Noelle Kocot _______________________________________________ Ligeti
   Bradley Harrison Smith ________ In Which the Holster Shoots a Blank
   Kit Frick _____________________ from Kill Your Darlings, Clementine

xiii. japan lacker

   Noelle Kocot _____________________________________________ Mosquito
   Claire Sylvester Smith __________________________ What is a Window?
   Weston Cutter ___________________________________ Too Much Too Soon
   Jeff Bruemmer __________________________________________ Originator
   Nate Pritts ________________________________ Object of My Invention

xiv. peruvian tooth powder

   Jennifer MacKenzie ________________________________ My Name Is Raji
   Nate Logan _____________________________ I Am So Sick of the Ozarks
   Claire Sylvester Smith _______________________ Poem From a Distance
   Corey Miller _____________________________ Politically Correct Poem
   Laurie Saurborn Young _____________________________________ Patriot
   Adam Fell _______________________________________ DEAR CORPORATION,

xv. pot pourri

   Stuart Dischell___________The Happy Angel Bakery and Slaughterhouse
   James Grinwis ______________________________________ Drunken Barber
   Sarah León _______________________________ A Magisterial Pooling-Up
   Kit Frick ______________________from Kill Your Darlings, Clementine
   Danika Paige Myers______________________________ A Final Revelation
   Kevin Walter ________________________________ The End [of the rope]

xvi. crinogen, for enhancing the growth of the beard