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FIRST COURSE: amuse bouche

   Nico Alvarado & Mike Comstock ____________________ from Bad Collabs
   Liz Hildreth ______________________________________ Bon Voyage, Ho!
   Jeff Hipsher __________________________ All The Pulses Of The World
   Micah Bateman ___________________________________________ Geography
   Joshua Butts _________________________________________ These States
   Bryan Beck _____________________________________ Memoir of Industry
   Nik De Dominic _________________________________ Summer, California
   Katie Byrum ____________________________________ [Keeping House—II]


   Chris Mattingly ______________________________________ Sloppy Doe’s
   Minko Terez __________________________________ Badly Need Your Help
   Joseph P. Wood _______________________________________________ XIV.
   Erika Moya _________________________________________________ Pecos
   Paul Otremba ____________________________________________ El Hombre
   Jean-Paul Pecqueur ________________________ Coleridge in Ascension
   Micah Bateman ___________________________________________ Geography
   Christie Ann Reynolds _________________________ The Paper Crane is
                                                      a Universal Bird

THIRD COURSE: thin soup

   Kiki Petrosino ______________________________________ Cygnus Cygnus
   Kyle McCord ________________________________ Man Dreaming of Collie
                                                      Dreaming of Home
   Andrea Henchey __________________________ Little Preposition Lesson
   Scott Alexander Jones __________________________________ Zitherists
   Nico Alvarado & Mike Comstock ____________________ from Bad Collabs
   Thibault Raoult ___________________________ from Cathexis Edelweiss
   Bryan Beck _______________________________________________ Dispatch
   Stephen Danos __________________________________________ Nightshift

FOURTH COURSE: small kinds of eel

   Adam Deutsch ___________________________________________ Beer Bread
   Patti White __________________________________________________ XXIX
   Jeff T. Johnson ________________________________________ Folk Music
   Jennifer H. Fortin _____________________ Meditations on Distance in
                                             the Presence of Proximity
   Chris Mattingly __________________________________ The Dead We Make
   Masin Persina _______________________________________ Cloud of Days
   Geoffrey Hilsabeck _______________________________________ Ruy Belo

FIFTH COURSE: thick soup

   Roberto Montes ______________________________ If Documentaries Have
                                                Shown Me Anything It’s
                                            That Even Plants Are Alive
                                                    Until You Eat Them
   Daniel M. Shapiro __________________________ David Gregory Fills in
                                                     for Matt Lauer on
                                                      “Today,” 5/11/07
   Christie Ann Reynolds _________________________ Darling, You Looked
                                                  Taller on Television
   Nico Alvarado & Mike Comstock ____________________ from Bad Collabs
   Tyler Gobble ___________________________________ Way Back Into Love
   Scott Abels __________________________ Recipe for a Turkey Sandwich

SIXTH COURSE: great bitterns

   Joseph Mains ________________________________ Jeff Jefferies, Lisa,
                                                     and Donald Dunbar
                                                       Walk into a Bar
   Jordan Stempleman ________________________ from The Back Room Poems
   Aubrey Lenahan ____________________________________________ Jukebox
   Jean-Paul Pecqueur __________________________________________ Rager
   Nico Alvarado & Mike Comstock ____________________ from Bad Collabs
   Nick Sturm ____________________________ A Basic Guide to Growing Up


   Brad Liening ______________________________ Survival of the Streets
   Brock Clarke _____________________________________________ Cartoons
   Mary Biddinger ________________________________________ My Goodness
   Adam Deutsch ____________________________________________ Big Dummy
   Amy Lawless _________________________________________________ Click
   Nick Sturm _______________________________________ A Basic Guide to
   Marcela Sulak _________________________________ How to Use a Napkin

EIGHTH COURSE: chicken hotchpotch

   Emily Brandt ___________________________________________ Weak Blood
   Scott Alexander Jones _________________________ A Seagull Flew into
                                                         Your Forehead
   Mary Ruefle _________________________________ Receiving News of The
                                               Devastation Of My Mind
   Steven Karl _________________________________ That Chalk-Drawn Star
                                                Next to a Wig of White
   Liz Hildreth ________________________________ The Next Multimillion
                                                            Year Reign
   Ken Henson ___________________________________________ Black Summer
   Aubrey Lenahan _____________________________________ The Fairground
   Amy Pickworth ________________________________ What was in the trap

NINTH COURSE: squab ragout

   Christopher Citro _____________________________ The Wrestling Coach
                                                      Taught Us Health
   Masin Persina _________________________________ Feeling Scientific,
                                                     I Write This Poem
   Mary Ruefle _____________________________________________ Spikenard
   Kevin Shea _________________________________________________ Quarto
   Carrie Lorig _________________________________________________ Baby
   Michael Schiavo _______________________________________ Work Work’s
   Paul Otremba __________________________________ To the Electricians

TENTH COURSE: wild mushrooms

   Jean-Paul Pecqueur __________________________ To One of My Feelings
   Sebastian Matthews ______________________________ Public Appearance
   Jeff T. Johnson _____________________________________ In Triplicate
   Cynthia Arrieu-King _______________________ On the Occasion of Your
                                                   Lending Me a Shovel
   Brad Liening ____________________________________ Show You No Mercy

ELEVENTH COURSE: hedgehogs & spanish pots

   Adam Deutsch ___________________________ True Story with Real Books
   Matthew Guenette __________________________________________ Holland
   Laurie Saurborn Young _____________________ The Art of James Franco
   Amy Lawless __________________________________ Easily As Your Heart
   Thibault Raoult ___________________________ from Cathexis Edelweiss
   Michael Schiavo _____________________________________ Mine Contrary
   Lesley Jenike __________________________ The House You Make You Are
   Steven Karl & Angela Veronica Wong _________________ Fluent In The
                                               Collective Flurries Of,

TWELFTH COURSE: whole john dory

   Tony Towle ____________________________________________ Two Sonnets
   Laurie Saurborn Young __________________________________ Young Love
   Smarie Clay ___________________________________________ Hung to Dry
   Thibault Raoult ___________________________ from Cathexis Edelweiss
   Scott Alexander Jones ______________________________ Listen Up, You
                                                     Murderous Fembots
   Roberto Montes ___________________________________ yet another poem
                                                of unabashed affection
   Jean-Paul Pecqueur ________________________________ Multiple-Choice
   Mary Ruefle ___________________________ During A Break From Feeling

THIRTEENTH COURSE: bourblier of boar

   Joseph P. Wood _________________________________________________ X.
   Sheng Peng ____________________________ John Keats, Home Run Hitter
   Jean-Paul Pecqueur ____________________________ Three Introductions
   Jeff T. Johnson _____________________________ Kenneth Koch’s Making
                                                         Your Own Days
   M. Bartley Seigel ___________________________ This is what they say
   Chris Garrecht-Williams ________________________ Dear Mark, I Can’t
                                                          Write About
   Christopher Citro __________________________________ All Purpose Me
   Chris Garrecht-Williams _________________________________ Grayscale


   Kevin Shea ______________________________________________ Drum-Line
   Lynn Melnick _____________________________________________ Ordinary
   Roberto Montes _______________________________ When the End Comes I
                                                Wonder Which Foot Will
                                               Be Closest to the Earth
   Todd Colby ______________________________________________ Satellite
   Joseph Leff _______________________ For a While I Lived in Motel 6s
   Paul Otremba ______________________________________________ Epistle

FIFTEENTH COURSE: cheese, nuts

   Mary Biddinger ______________________________ Risk Management Memo:
                                                        Your Best Work
   Stephen Danos __________________________ Be Careful at the Overlook
   Derek Pollard __________________________________ The Summer Cottage
   Catherine Hardy ______________________________ Random River Bubbles
   Brad Liening _______________________________________ Face the Facts
   Patti White ___________________________________________________ XLI
   Nico Alvarado & Mike Comstock ____________________ from Bad Collabs